My first images were created in high school using a 4×5 view camera. I am blessed to have learned about photography starting with black & white film and producing my own images in the darkroom. Without this education, I do not feel I would have the same appreciation or eye that it takes to produce professional images. My first project in high school was a calendar that I wish I still had a copy of today.

From my beginnings in black & white film to a digital medium format, the process of post production has changed dramatically yet the process of creating the image in the camera remains largely the same. Today I work with the finest digital SLR cameras from Canon including the 1dx and 5d mark III, as well as the Mamiya DM33 digital medium format camera.


 Mamiya Medium format digital camera.


Circa 1992 when I spent a little time in front of the camera.


Circa 2009 instructing at the Schwantz School Road Atlanta.


Phone: 970 376 6527

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